Monday, October 22, 2012

Double-side femmes cachemire fantaisie d pashmina châle / echarpe *

Objet neuf jamais porté vendu dans emballage origine comme la boîte ou la pochette origine et/ou avec étiquettes origine. Afficher la éfinition de tous les états- la page ouvre dans une nouvelle fenêtre ou uouvel onglet... En savoir plussur étatn n     n          n   n   n Press n here into my shop nDescribe    Our China is very n great nation. It has n more than 5000 years n civilization history. It n has lot of n dissimilarities with n westeration. It ca produce many enviable n products. Welcome you to n purchase this item. It n is very beautiful n item. Itvery n excellent and so n exquisite? It is n imposing item also is n great gift. have lot n of different items in my n store Welcome to n purchase our item. will for you provide the n best service and best n product n   n Payment meth


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